Jubilee trial

2-3 October 2009: Field trial

Öland is very scenic and holds natural game birds. Take this opportunity to run your dog on wild partridge and wild pheasants in the peak of the Swedish gundog shooting season! The trial will include both retrieving and field work according to the Swedish field trial regulations.


  • Junior – for dogs older than 9 months and younger than 24 months
  • Open – for dogs older than 15 months and who at most have one 1st in an Open field trial
  • Elite – open for dogs older than 15 months who have a minimum of one 1st in an Open field trial

Entry fee

SEK 540 to be paid to “Svenska Weimaranerklubben” .

Payment details:

  • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Account number: 5220-34 620 43
  • IBAN: SE63 5000 0000 0522 0346 2043
  • Bic code (Swift): ESSESESS

Make sure your name and address is clear and mark your payment with the pedigree name of your dog.

Entry form

There is no entry form for the field trial. We only require an e-mail to jaktprov@weimaranerklubben.se. In the e-mail you should state: the pedigree name and registration number of your dog the name and address of the owner and the handler of the dog (including e-mail if possible) which class you want to enter.

Entry date

Last day of entry is Sept 4th 2009. The entry fee must be available on our account on this day. Please make sure to make the payment well ahead of time!


For dogs that are not registered with the Swedish Kennel Club it is required that you bring your dog’s pedigree and a copy of the pedigree to the trial grounds.
For entrants in Elite
You need to bring proof of qualification (minimum of 1x1st in Open) and show to the field trial steward.

Trial secretary

Our trial secretary is happy to answer any questions you may have before the trial.

Directions and accommodation: When you have entered your dog you will receive directions and information about accommodation close to the trial grounds.